A Secret Weapon For The Lucy Show The Complete Series DVD SET

A variation: in "Lucy and Superman", George Reeves is often referred to only as Superman, even if it is simply the Older people speaking between themselves.

The Kramdens and Nortons depart with a cruise ship to begin a free vacation within the world just after profitable a breakfast cereal contest.

Rather in Mink: Lucy's second life aim apart from having inside the show has always been to have a mink coat. In a single episode, Lucy thinks a mink coat Ricky rented for any Enjoy is for her for their anniversary (which he forgot), and he spends the episode wanting to trick her into dropping it, until eventually he fesses up. It turned out she tricked him. It was not their anniversary in any way.

Normally this ends in disaster with feathers flying everywhere. But Fred and Ethel get mad at Lucy, who experienced nothing to do using this incident, Simply because the redecorating was her thought. The Ricardos find yourself needing to provide the Mertzes their furnishings and so ought to fork out to redecorate their own individual

In a doable lampshade hanging in excess of the deal, Lucy reminds Ricky that when he auditions for television producers, he'll have to have a "rather Woman" to show from the sponsor's merchandise, then holds a box of Philip Morris up for the camera.

Animated Credits Opening: In the first US operate, where these openings integrated the sponsor's solution with stick figures of Lucy and Ricky. It wasn't until finally syndication the well known "coronary heart on satin" opening was used.

Surprising Optimistic: Lucy forces Ricky to Visit the eye doctor where by they find out that his eyes are flawlessly good...It can be Lucy who will't see the eye chart properly! In typical Lucy trend, wackiness ensues.

Feeding on Pet Food: Lucy is compelled to consume a dog biscuit whilst seeking to conceal The reality that she did not The Honeymooners Lost Episodes 1951-1957 dvd eradicate Fred (the Puppy).

New: An product that hasn't been read more opened or taken out from the manufacturer’s sealing (if applicable). Item is in original shrink wrap (if applicable).

that was released as just one by Columbia Documents. Based upon who you check with, the lyrics had been ether published when the theme was published, or speedily established specifically for this episode.

Ralph will take a task for a sidewalk Santa to receive extra cash, but it surely seems being a front for illegal bookmakers.

Distracted by check here the Luxury: Besides Lucy's lifelong quest to get a mink coat, her personalized funds were being commonly inside the purple due to the fact she could not halt obtaining adorable dresses or hats.

One gag that reruns retain in a few variety: When Lucy hosts her very own Television set show in an emptied Television set set, she attire as Johnny Roventini, the Philip Morris Bellhop. The syndicated version on the episode retains scenes of Lucy donning the costume and Keeping cigarettes, but cuts components where by she truly refers back to the brand name by identify.

strongly and get more info professes his adore for her, Significantly to her dismay. In the get more info long run, Ricky catches him climbing into your bedroom window to elope Using the unwilling Lucy. Jean Valjean and Ricky are to have a duel, but the previous backs out and explains to Ricky that he only acted the best way he did mainly because he was explained to that Frenchmen are expected to become intimate by American Girls.

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